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Imperial Ships
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Crew: 4798, 402 gunners, 2040 Stormtroopers.
Length: 900 meters
Speed: 8 mglt
Shield Rating: 3200 SBD
Hull Rating: 1520 RU
Fighter Complement: 2 squadrons.
Weapons: 40 double turbolasers, 10 quad turbolasers, 10 ion cannons.
The Victory Star Destroyers were considered the ultimate weapon when they were developed during the latter years of the Old Republic. When produced they were the largest military vessels in existence and were capable of performing a variety of roles. When Emperor Palpatine rose to power he procured most of the existing Victory Class ships for the fledgling Imperial Navy. The Victory Class ships have tremendous firepower and can easily destroy an entire planet. The 24 TIE starfighters they carry and the AT-ATs allow the Victory class ships to carry out entire missions on their own. Their incredible flexibility and durability has allowed the Victory Class Star Destroyer to remain a staple of the Imperial Navy since its inception.

IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER Class: Heavy Cruiser/Battleship
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Crew: 37,085, 275 gunners, 9700 Stormtroopers.
Length: 1600 meters
Speed: 10 mglt
Shield Rating: 4800 SBD
Hull Rating: 2272 RU
Fighter Complement: 6 squadrons.
Weapons: 60 turbolasers, 60 ion cannons, 1 warhead launcher, 10 tractor beams.
Designed to replace the aging Victory Class designs, the Imperial Class were created to be an improvement over the older, yet extremely successful design. More than twice as large as the Victory Class Star Destroyers, the Imperial Class ships are the most prominant sign of Imperial strength in all the galaxy. No adversary is a match for the firepower and shear size of these vessels. With a capacity for 72 TIE Starfighters these Star Destroyers can overcome any opponent with swarms of starfighters before engaging an enemy itself. When forced to engage an enemy, the Imperial Star Destroyer's bristling turbolasers and ion cannons will ensure that not a trace of the enemy remains. With the ability to carry an attack force of AT-ATs and thousands of Stormtroopers, the Imperial Star Destroyer has the ability to cease any insurrection at any point in the galaxy with swift, efficient force.

INTERDICTOR CRUISER Class: Medium cruiser
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Crew: 2,807, 24 gunners, 1000 Stormtroopers.
Length: 600 meters.
Speed: 8 mglt
Shield Rating: 2880 SBD
Hull Rating: 1056 RU
Fighter Complement: 1 squadron.
Weapons: 18 turbolasers, 26 laser cannons, 1 warhead launcher.
Adapted from the Victory Class Star Destroyer, the Interdictor Cruiser was designed to operate as a smaller, more agile vessel suitable for escort duty, or hit and fade attacks. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this ship's design are the revolutionary gravity well projectors. The gravity wells create an intense gravity field, similar to that experienced near a planet. This gravity field has the effect of rendering all hyperdrives useless. Thus, the primary role of the interdictor has been to work with convoys of larger ships to intercept, trap, and destroy enemy craft. The Interdictor is particularly effective against Rebel fighters who have the capability of fleeing into hyperspace when attacked.

SUPER STAR DESTROYER Class: Battleship/command ship
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Crew: 279,000, 1,590 gunners, 60,000 Stormtroopers.
Length: 8000 meters
Speed: 8 mglt
Shield Rating: 12,689 SBD
Hull Rating: 8,135 RU
Fighter Complement: 12 squadrons.
Wea pons: 250 turbolasers, 90 ion cannons, 8 warhead launchers, 40 tractor beams.
The design and construction of the Super Star Destroyer was overseen by Darth Vader himself. Lord Vader felt that the Empire needed a new symbol of terror and power after the destruction of the first Death Star. The Super Star Destroyer is currently the largest production military vessel in existence. Over 8 kms long, the Super Star Destroyer serves as a huge mobile command and control center. The Super Star Destroyers act in large convoys with smaller ships and provide a base from which to oversee and control huge military campaigns. In addition the thousands of turbolaser emplacements and 144 TIEs it carries allow it to easily defend itself should it be attacked. Because of the enormous cost of constructing a vessel of this magnitude only 4 such capital ships have been produced, however they serve as the ultimate symbol of the Emperor's control over the galaxy.

ECLIPSE STAR DESTROYER Class: Heavy Battleship
Manufacturer: Byss Shipyards
Crew: 700,000 crew, 1200 gunners, 150,000 Stormtroopers
Length: 17,500 meters.
Speed: 8 mglt
Shield Rating: 17,040 SBD
Hull Rating: 12,607 RU
Fighter Complement: 50 squadrons.
Weapons: 600 turbolasers, 500 lasers, 540 ion cannons, 70 warhead launchers, 1 miniature Death Star superlaser.
Currently this ship is still in the early stages of construction. The Eclipse was designed by the Emperor himself in order to serve as his personal command ship should the worst happen to the Empire. Based on Byss near the galactic core the almost black Eclipse is the single most powerful weapon constructed by the Empire since the Death Star. Nearly twice as long as a Super Star Destroyer the Eclipse was not designed mearly to serve as a control center, but its primary purpose is as a battleship with which to take the war to the enemy. If the Empire ever should fall, then truly this ship will serve as our last resort.



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